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Marjorie Preston Writing Portfolio - Philadelphia Smart CEO

Smart CEO

It all started with Facemash.


In 2004, a couple of Harvard dorm rats launched the website with the lofty goal of deciding who on campus was “hot” and “not.”

Since then, the site renamed Facebook has exploded into the most influential social networking website on the
planet, with some 1.35 billion users worldwide (yup, about
the population of China). 

Global Gaming Business

Dave Magrogan is a dissatisfied man.

After more than a dozen years in hospitality,
the founder and CEO of the Dave Magrogan
Group owns 16 restaurants under five brands
in two states, with revenues that could top
$50 million this year. But he feels he should
have achieved more.



Marjorie Preston Portfolio

When Maggie was a little girl, her uncle called her "Fatstuff." Most of her life, she lived up to the name.

For Maggie, getting fat was a piece of cake (or a bag of Doritos). She always felt a little awkward around thin women, and relied on her friend Val, for support and camaraderie. The two women had a lot in common — including the ups and downs of weight loss.

Then Val lost 100 pounds. And it almost ended their friendship. 

Marjorie Preston Writing Portfolio

Fitness Magazine

Casino Connection

Marjorie Preston Writing Portfolio - Casino Connecton

New Jersey Lifestyle  

Question: What do firefighters, cops, fishermen and casino workers have in common?

Answer: They all work 24-hour jobs 
that sometimes require them to work nights and overnights. With this flip-flopped schedule, they may share something else: the health condition known as shift work disorder.

Here are the three rules of great style: “Start with great basics. Add a few impeccable details. And stop.”

Andrew Klose of Luxuria Builders may have perfected the formula with this residence in Margate, which is assertive in scale, but subtle in detail – short on embellishment, but really long on style.

Marjorie Preston Writing Portfolio

Global Gaming Business

The economy has taken some of the steam out of ultra-dining in the casino. In response to consumer demand, celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay and Wolfgang Puck are trimming the fat — on both sides of the menu.

When Hurricane Sandy took aim at the east coast in October 2012, it introduced a new word to the vernacular: superstorm.

Marjorie Preston Writing Portfolio

Insurance Business America

Marjorie Preston Writing Portfolio

Cape May Magazine

It was like a scene
from Field of Dreams.

On a recent Saturday,
two 19th-century ball
clubs came back to life
for nine more innings.

The Hoboken Nine and the
Elizabeth Resolutes—both
founded in New Jersey in
the late 1800s—faced off
on a broad makeshift
diamond at Batsto Village
outside Hammonton.

The players wore bibbed
flannel uniforms and
breeches. The ump wore a
top hat. Sports fans lined
a split-rail fence to watch
’em play in the style of Cy
Young: sans catchers’ mitts,
heavy on the pine tar, with
gentlemanly sportsmanship

Marjorie Preston Writing Portfolio